Monday, June 4, 2012

Shaping reality and the Hatfield & McCoys

One of my favorite sci-fi book series is about a bickering family whose members have the ability to add and subtract things from reality to create their own parallel worlds. It's like the Hatfield's and McCoys on acid. They follow each other to parallel worlds and try to kill each other.

The series is Roger Zelazny's "The Amber Trilogy". The characters have the ability to add and subtract things from reality until the world looks as they envision they want it to be. Those trees should be slightly taller. The road should be gravel. The sky should be a light green, not blue... and so on. The alternate realities that they 'create' become reflections of themselves. It makes for a good story telling device because anything can happen. There are no rules around what is reality. I won't give away any more details in case you want to read it; I'll move on to why I'm writing about it.

We don't have the power that these characters have, but we do create our own realities on a daily basis. We add and subtract things every time we take an action that influences those around us, and every time we grow in a way that changes our own perception of reality. None of us exist in a vacuum. The things that we do and say affect those around us and we each change the world in small ways, we're always adding and subtracting things in a way that reflects ourselves, for better or worse.

Want to work in an environment where everyone appreciate's each other's work? How about letting someone know you appreciate something they've done? It doesn't cost anything to pay a compliment. Want to learn a particular technology? Start down that path. Today, with small steps. Add a book to your Kindle. Subtract a less important task from your life.

How can you make small changes today to shape your reality?

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